The Kopparberg*

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Meet 'The Kopparberg'. This is the jumper collaboration between high-end knitwear designer, Leutton Postle, and Kopparberg cider (made slightly obvious by the name, I know). The general idea behind the jumper was to celebrate the Spiced Apple cider from Kopparberg, a cider that can be enjoyed over ice or heated up. Why a jumper you ask? I'm not 100% sure, but I believe it is to keep you warm, much like the cider does. Whether that is the case or not, I love the idea behind it.

Sam Leutton and Jenny Postle - both the brains and the skill behind Leutton Postle - flew over to Kopparberg in Sweden to gain inspiration for this knitted tribute (see the video below). They drew colours, patterns and textures from the surroundings of the stunning Kopparberg countryside, and interlaced it with the unique Leutton Postle style to create 'The Kopparberg', a homage to both the cider, the town and Scandinavian style.

This is a unisex jumper, retailing at £150 from Machine A in Soho and on the dedicated online store (found here). Granted, £150 is a lot of money for a jumper, but when you consider that a normal Leutton Postle jumper would set you back about £300, it doesn't seem quite so bad. It certainly is a jumper style that you are never going to find elsewhere, both rich in autumnal colour and fair isle pattern.

I love the idea behind the collaboration and it a level of quality rarely seen these days - however I would be unlikely to pay so much for this jumper. The Kopparberg is growing on my more and more by the day, yet it is safe to say that it's not really my style. The dropped shoulder makes it a little tight for me considering I have rather broad shoulders and I don't think it suits me - but that is just my opinion. Give me time and I may completely fall in love with it.

What do you think about The Kopparberg?

Cheers guys,


  1. As a fan of the drink and of a decent knit I love the collaboration. It's definitely unique but the bold colours and shapes really work!

    Ben |

    1. I love the fact that it is such a different collaboration. I've never known of a luxury knitwear company to work with a drinks company. Definitely glad to have been a part of it in some way.

  2. I rather like the jumper is fun and right but I know what you mean by the fit. The fit is alway important. But those type of sweater just get better with time as it stretches and droops more.

    1. We will see how it develops over time, hopefully it will do as you say! Cheers for the comment!