Scotch & Soda

Friday, 30 January 2015

Scotch & Soda isn't exactly a new or small name for me to introduce you to. The brand has been around since the 80's and it has been as we know is since 2002, which is no mean feat. The reason I bring them up, as I said, is not because they are new, small or underrated in any way, but because they are genuinely fantastic at what they do.

If you don't already know what they do, it is probably best described as something for everyone. Not in the sense of general, inoffensive clothing that bores every inch of your imagination. Instead, Scotch & Soda successfully makes great quality and interesting clothing to suit every style at what is a decent price point. If you want something whacky, you can probably find it. If you want something basic, you can find that. Imagine it as a more colourful AllSaints.

On the off-chance that you actually haven't heard of Scotch & Soda before, I'd definitely recommend that you take a look at what they have to offer...

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