Philographics by Genís Carreras

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Without doubt, two of my great loves in life are design and philosophy. Philosophy is, much like science, a thirst for knowledge and understanding, questioning why we are here - it is problem solving in its essence. Design is problem solving in a different way. Instead of questioning why something is how it is, we use design to take something and make it better, whether that is in functionality or in aesthetics. Either way, the combination of design and philosophy is strangely exciting to me, and so I bring you the Philographics from Genís Carreras.

If the purpose of design is to make everything better, easier or simpler, how can it be applied to philosophy and other subjects? Philosophy, ethics, politics and religion have all been overcomplicated with words to describe people with specific views within certain factions, parties, belief systems and populations. This is on top of the words to describe the specific views within the factions, parties, belief systems and populations, and in addition to the words to describe the factions, parties, belief systems and populations themselves (Feel free to take a moment to read that again). Do you see the problem? How are we ever expected to know all of these terms and their meanings? Graphic design can help.

Here are a few of my favourites (but not necessarily my beliefs)...

Each Philographic is designed to explain an expansive idea by using simple shapes. There are 95 designs in total, all depicting a different ism using strong colours, geometric shapes and a brief definition of the word. They are elegant in their design and accurate in description, making them a pleasure to take in. I have to say that I am incredibly tempted to purchase the book (found on Amazon).

What are your thoughts on the Philographics?

Cheers guys,

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