New Balance C-Series

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I am not usually one for the typical product announcements, especially in the field of trainers. Many sites will easily beat me to the punch on the majority of releases and to be perfectly frank, I usually just don't give enough of a shit to waste my time on it. The new C-Series from New Balance will be an exception to this though; not only have I managed to get some pictures up in good time (the ones below, not the one above), but I also happen to have good reason for loving the New Balance C-Series...

This is a set of everyday trainers that are designed around the commuter/urban cyclist. Brilliant! The majority of fashionable trainers have been taken from the silhouette and technology of running trainers. The majority - if not all - cycling shoes are somewhat impractical for a typical day out. Where is the middle ground? Where are the trainers that you can comfortably cycle down to the shops in or to work, without clipping yourself into the pedals? 

Obviously you can do that with typical trainers, but there's no advantage to them over normal shoes. The new C-Series, however, has a reinforced forefoot and higher density rubber outsole to prevent flex over the pedals, alongside a tongue pocket to stash laces and, if you get the 996C model, a reflective New Balance logo.

What's there to not love about these shoes? Practical and beautiful. Definitely going on my wish list. I will let you know when I know how much they will be.

Cheers guys,


  1. Wow - these look great (if not even a little Nike inspiredy) are they the same in womens?
    They are possibly (re: definitely) much more practical than Nikes as well I imagine.
    Great work on the product announcement (I'm totally the same, I think oh yeah - but by the time i get around to it every man and their dog has blogged about it and I'm like 'meh best just get on with my life!)
    Kelsey x

    1. I'm not sure about them in womens, but I'll see if I can find out for you. You're right about the Nike inspiration, but I prefer these - the practicality is perfect. It is nice to get ahead of things once in a while! Cheers for the comment, Kelsey!

  2. It's a well crafted shoe and looks great too. I've yet to blur the gap between using trainers in a gym and using trainers for fashion but these seem to do the job!

    Ben |

    1. I'm hoping to get my hands on a pair when they come out, so I'm hoping they are well crafted! These definitely do seem like a good start for that - they're practical and not too flashy.

      Cheers Ben!

  3. great shoes. thank you for showing me

    Check this out