Wrap Up & An Apology

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

There are no two ways around it, we are fully into winter. Continuously I am finding myself wrapped in a coat, scarf and leather gloves, reminiscing on my smoking days amid fogged breath. Layering is a love of mine, I think it to be a fundamental element of fashion, and so I find this to be no issue, but I thought I'd put a selection of outerwear together for you guys to look at, potentially love, buy and then use to wrap up as warm as I have been.

I will openly admit a slight lack of lengthy posts lately - I have been enjoying (and will continue to enjoy) some time with my family, which is very rare. Alongside that, as I have not yet reached the level of the full-time blogger/freelancer, I have been working a veritable shit-ton to juggle everything, so I am chilling out a little, please forgive me. The plan is to be back in full swing in the new year. 2015 will be the year for O&U!

Cheers guys,

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