Wings + Horns

Thursday, 4 December 2014

With each day I fall further in love with quality over quantity, so much so that you are likely to continue to hear the phrase from me often. I used to pride myself on the ability to get things for a bargain, with a tendency to overlook why the bargain was available in the first place. A year or two on and I am far more willing to purchase one quality item a month than I am willing to purchase ten lesser items. Although I have grown cynical from learning the average markups that brands use, I understand that you do get what you pay for. Whether this is me growing up or finding my true voice in the style world, it is a welcome change.

Such an adjustment comes hand in hand with the need to find new brands of a higher standard; Wings + Horns is one of said brands that I now feel like I need in my life...

Wings + Horns is created on the idea of integrating innovative fabrics with a Japanese approach to detail, all whilst being based and made in Canada since starting back in 2004. Intertwining classic and contemporary features whilst drawing inspiration from the Canadian landscape makes for exceptional collections.

A special mention to all those that came up with the name, 'Wings + Horns'. It is epic - congratulations.

Cheers guys,

P.S. I realise that I am starting to repeat myself about the 'quality vs. quantity' thing. Please note that this blog is a culmination of my thoughts and thoughts have a habit of repeating themselves. I cannot apologise for this.

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