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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

I have little interest in boring you with the typical humdrum stuff that can crop up in gift guides. What I want to do is include things that you may have already thought of (e.g. watches, slippers, socks etc), but with brands and/or products that are genuinely worth having and holding on to. I'm going for quality over quantity here, people. If I happen to include something that you haven't even considered... well that's a victory for all of us.

I'm not going to simply roll out a collection of items with no real explanation as to why you should get them. Each gift has been carefully selected, and sometimes even tested by me, to ensure that they are worthy enough to be passed on to your loved-ones, and I shall give you some details as to why these should be the gifts you choose. Furthering that, I'm not including any affiliate links here. I love the spirit of giving, not the commercialised side of Christmas - a well thought-out present is worth more than anything, making money from that seems wrong.

Without further ado, here are nine items that I know I would be honoured to receive as gifts, and I hope you could enjoy giving them...

Instant cameras have made their way back into the mainstream, with FujiFilm creating a more affordable film for the masses, rather than trying to find Polaroid film that you have to take a mortgage out on. Lomography have taken beautiful advantage of this by creating what is the most creative instant camera available. With the ability to have interchangeable lenses and do multiple exposures, you'll never end up with a boring picture. It also happens to be beautiful.

Socks are a Christmas essential, to the extent that I think I would be disappointed if I didn't receive at least one pair. What is important is to ensure that the socks that you are giving are quality. Most men have an abundance of mediocre socks, yet quality really matters these days. Socks can be as vital to an outfit as a coat is, so why not give truly amazing ones? Also, it's worth taking a look at the sock subscription from Pharmacie Goods - Buckets & Spades covered them recently and it backs up my point quite well.

With an extensive array of products to choose from, Smart Turnout are one of those perfect-for-Christmas brands. I've already reviewed one of their watches and would highly recommend them for a present. Take a look at their entire collection, but I would recommend the Phantom watch box set (above) - this is a genuinely beautiful watch and one that isn't too common.

Holy hell I want one of these! Could you want any more than your own quadricopter with a HD camera attached? No, you couldn't. That's the dream! It includes a remote control that you can attach your smart phone to so you can record video and take photos whilst flying. I have no need for one, in reality, but I am determined to have one some day. It will happen.

I am absolutely infatuated with HYMN - they are a fantastic brand with an abundance of heart. Their quality is high and they know what they are doing, to the extent that I can't find anything from them that I wouldn't want to wear. The Edward Panel Sweat is the epitome of brilliance from this brand. It's a plain grey sweater, yet the use of three different cotton fabrics and textures makes it a truly individual piece. It's in the details after all!

I was recently sent over to Longcross for this experience and I would adore anyone who would give this to me as a present. The idea of an experience as a present instead of a physical gift speaks to me. What you are doing is giving someone a memory; something they will hold on to forever and it takes a lot more thought than the standard present. Driving a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and being driven around on a Radical hot lap is something I will never forget.

There will be a full post going up about these slippers in the near future as well as this - Yes, they are that comfy. I have little frame of reference as I have only ever owned one pair of slippers before, and they were from Tesco. Sorry Tesco, but these leave my old slippers in the dust. They are not the cheapest you will ever find, however you really do get what you pay for. Real sheepskin leather and quality throughout.

My brother gave me a pair of black Plattan Urban Ears for Christmas last year and they are one of the best presents I have ever received. They are incredibly comfortable, alongside having fantastic sound quality and genius features. The right headphone even has a Zound Plug, so you can connect another pair through the first for instant music sharing, and the pause/play button also acts as a skip button by double clicking it, and a microphone. I will never go back - Urban Ears are all I need in the headphone world. They have also released the Humlan (above) that has detachable headband and ear cushions so they can be thrown in the wash. Revolutionary!

This is one for the phone photographer in all of us. Such a simple present, a fantastic stocking filler, and a joy for anyone to use. As we all know, the quality of cameras on our phones has skyrocketed, alongside that, so has the ability of those using them. Give this to the budding phone photographer to add a new dynamic to their Instagram feed.

There you have it, a few extra ideas for you this Christmas. Even if you've already thought of the idea, maybe a bit more about a product will help a decision. If that has helped in any way or you end up buying anything from this list, please do let me know, it'd mean a lot.

Cheers guys,


  1. Well worth paying for slippers if you have circulation problems like me. I currently have some Armor-Lux woolly ones but got some North Face ones on my xmas list. Thanks for the link mention, socks are always a good choice.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. I basically can't stop wearing mine. They're the first thing I get into when I come home and first thing on in the morning. Might have to get another pair for Christmas just so I don't wear them out!

      It was a pleasure with the link. It fit in well and Pharmacie Goods deserved a mention! I'm hoping to get a few good pairs for Christmas.