Thursday, 11 December 2014

There is an undeniable truth about wristwatches, being that everyone wants a Rolex. I honestly don't even like most Rolex watches and when it comes down to luxury wrist wear, I would probably feel more at home with Patek Philippe. Yet I still want a Rolex. They have performed some kind of magical aspirational marketing that every brand dreams of to make people that don't like them, want them.

With the growing number of superb, low-cost watch brands out there, why are people still looking to Rolex as one of the pinnacles of horology? I think it comes down to history and stature of the brand. We all love a story and we all love a status symbol. Nothing says success like a Rolex adorning your wrist. Be honest, we all want to be as cool as Winston Churchill smoking a cigar, wearing a tie, braces and his Rolex Datejust.

Considering this, yet also taking into account the fact that the cost of a Rolex far surpasses the usual price point of the brands I talk about, I am writing this post with a preowned Rolex in mind - hence why I am not linking this through to the Rolex website itself. Why spend £20,000 when you can spend £6,000? I have been wanting to write about Rolex for a while now, whilst unable to bring myself to do it knowing the cost of them - yet they are such a hugely influential part of both history and fashion. If anything, the idea of a preowned Rolex appeals to me more than a new one - it will already have a story behind it.

My favourite is definitely the Rolex Day-Date President (or Rolex Presidential, if you will), shown above. This is a stunning watch with the most rich history you will probably ever know of for a series of watches, having been worn by Presidents Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, and Reagan. 

If you could, what Rolex would you flaunt on your wrist?

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*Written in partnership with Swiss Wrist

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