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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Once upon a time, I looked down on many brands due to their reputation, not their style. I have since grown mildly ashamed of that naïve time. Henri Lloyd was definitely one of these brands that I turned my nose up at; not due to their clothing, nor down to branding that I wasn't fond of, but because I associated it with the style and culture of people I didn't like. I am now making up for my mistakes by reacquainting myself with Henri Lloyd, in both style and heritage, with the help of the Ardley Seam Taped Parka.

I have previously mentioned on the UNiDAYS blog that parkas are huge at the moment, and I stand to this point. I would say that they are they one of the key outerwear items for this winter, but that comes with a risk. That means that getting one may result as you looking the same as everyone else. There is nothing wrong with being part of the crowd, it's just that doing what everyone else is doing, but in a different way is always fun. This is why I love the Ardley, because it's a parka, but different. You're not going to see anyone else wearing it.

The history of Henri Lloyd is something that I haven't looked into before, but the moment I noticed the arm patch stating that it is "The Original British Sailing Brand", I had to knowledge up...

Sir Frances Chichester wore a green Henri Lloyd Consort jacket when becoming the first person to circumnavigate the globe single-handedly. Apparently, when asked why he wore green, which is thought be an unlucky colour for Sailors, due to it being hard to spot after falling into water; he replied "who would be there to see me?".


Fancy trekking over 100,000 miles in freezing Arctic and Antarctic conditions? Nope. Screw that. Luckily Sir Ranulph Fiennes did not have the same reaction as I, and after kitting himself out in some Henri Lloyd foul weather gear, he went on his epic/cold way.

Go Ranulph!

Such proud and rich heritage makes me question why I ever shunned the likes of Henri Lloyd - a brand that has done so much for the history and spirit of adventure. This coat is one of pure quality and I am infatuated with it. It is warm, comfy, well-fitted, immensely practical and stunning. Any wet, windy and generally disgusting day has suddenly become a challenge as I throw on my Ardley and stick my fingers up to the elements. Bring it on!

Have you ever dismissed a brand for the wrong reasons?

Cheers guys,

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