Frank Wright Formby Boots*

Friday, 19 December 2014

Winter is definitely boot season; the thick socks, sturdy soles and increased water protection come together to form a super-alliance to fight against all things wet, cold and slippery. When Frank Wright approached me to review a pair of shoes from them, I had to go for the Formby boots in black to set me up for the season upon us. What a great choice it was!

What can I say? They look fantastic. From the moment I opened the box, they had the wow-factor. There is something special about black boots in the derby style; they mature over time, never getting haggard, never broken or tired, only ever increasing in character and charm. You don't buy these boots, you invest in them. 

They smelt like my dreams when fresh, yet felt tight and restricting. I was quick to think that I would have to warn those of the wider footed persuasion - however they quickly loosened up into being some of the comfiest boots I have ever owned. They are well fitted, cosy and snug. They are the boot equivalent of balling up by the fire, dressed in a onesie on a cold winter evening... if there is such a thing.

In terms of quality, they cannot be faulted. For £100, there is only so much you can expect, and these boots deliver far more than that. I imagine having them for years to come, polishing them a thousand times and loving them a thousand times more. Black boots are a wardrobe staple, but one where you need the perfect pair. I believe I have found mine and I recommend taking a look at the selection of boots from Frank Wright to see if you could find yours.

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