Duel Denim - Waske Selvedge*

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Selvedge denim has been on my list of wants for quite some time, but I seem to struggle with the fit of them. You can get selvedge denim easily in slim fit, but my personal preference lies within skinny fit jeans. Don't misconstrued this to mean skin-tight jeans that make you look like you have vacuum-packed your man-parts, no. I simply like jeans with a smaller cuff width, considering the fact that I have rugby player-like thighs, juxtaposed with chicken-like ankles. Not ideal.

Enter the Waske skinny fit raw selvedge jeans from Duel Denim, for a minuscule £69.99. Consider my problems solved.

I recently spoke of my love for a pair of raw Nudie Jeans I received from Woodhouse Clothing. Along with that, I also said that I would always be a Nudie Jeans man. Well, I will be the first to admit that I was wrong there. I still love Nudie Jeans and I will always love those jeans, but Duel Denim has rocketed to the top of my denim list. The quality of these jeans is unbelievable for the price.

It all makes sense when you find out that the brand was born earlier this year in Lancashire, the heart of the UK cotton industry, and it is the brainchild of a former creative manager from BOSS Orange denim. There is simply nothing bad about that combination! There was a gap in the denim market that has definitely been filled by Duel Denim: Truly high quality denim at an easily accessible price point.

After wearing these jeans for a couple of weeks, I have absolutely no complaints. They hold their shape incredibly well and I really look forward to how they are going to break in. Being made from 13oz stretch selvedge denim means that they should break in well, but obviously the stretch will hold them back a little bit.

Duel Denim offer four fits in total: Tatsu (Super skinny), Waske (Skinny), Hiryu (Slim) and Curtana (Regular). They really do have something for everyone, and each one is available in a selection of washes. Unfortunately, I believe the Waske is the only one available in raw at the moment, but I have been told that the selvedge raw will be introduced in the Hiryu and Curtana fits for SS15. Either way, I'm loving the Waske, and I'd love to try out the Tatsu as well.

If you're looking for a new pair of jeans - whether you are after raw, selvedge or simply some great denim - look no further than Duel Denim.

Cheers guys,