Davidoff Destination - Part II*

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Recently I introduced the Destination collection from Davidoff, in the form of the New York - JFK hold all. I shall now introduce you to the Shanghai - PVG, the amazing little bag that packs a big punch in the world of practicality. As previously stated, the Destination collection, as made obvious by the name, is for the traveller - be it a business man or, like me, someone who always feels like they need to bring along a lot more than they actually do. This pouch is made to be the ultimate accompaniment to such a person.

When I first received the Shanghai pouch, I panicked. I loved it immediately, especially considering how it matches my New York holdall, yet the thought of how the hell I am going actually use it crossed my mind. Since this, I have found that it makes the perfect camera case. I know that this is not the intention of the pouch, but it is the truth. It holds my camera, accessories and charger, and I take it with me everywhere. I felt like I couldn't recommend it to you without actually using it, so that was the use I found. 

There are two compartments, one with card slots and one with miscellaneous slots, meaning it would be perfect to house all the cards you need along with everything from chargers to travel documents (or both). I would definitely recommend this to anyone that travels often. I really cannot wait to fly off somewhere, knowing that everything that is absolutely essential is safe in this little stunner, instead of randomly packed in my bag. Every time I go somewhere, I worry that I have lost at least two things - usually my passport and a charger - so having this pouch will be an absolute godsend to anyone that faces such an issue.

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