Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Watches are hot on my mind at the moment. This is not because I'm looking to buy another one any time soon, but because with my mind constantly wondering about what to include in Christmas gift guides, I keep coming back to watches. The more I wonder about them, the more fantastic brands and beautiful timepieces I come across. Here lies my problem - I have now come across more brands and watches than I can actually feature in a gift guide. Luckily, they are worthy of posts in themselves, so here is TSOVET.

I'm very picky when it comes to wrist wear (as all men should be), and it takes me a lot to say that I really love a watch brand, but I really do love TSOVET. They are as passionate about the details as I am, which makes me love them even more, and each item has its own unique style. Originating in California, the TSOVET team say that they have "lived in the geographical epicenter that has produced innovative designers and engineers from various creative fields", which helps to put some form of explanation to their brilliance. Although I believe the ingenuity and style of TSOVET could not simply be explained by location. See for yourself...

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