Friday, 14 November 2014

Winter is upon us, which means it is time to wrap up warm, dry, and to take a few notes from Sweden. Although Stockholm averages less rain days than London does in a year (according to, the Swedish seem far better prepared. Somehow, we Brits seem consistently surprised by and unprepared for rain (contradicting how often we complain about the British weather). Sweden gives us Stutterheim: a combination of practicality, quality and style, to help solve our problem.

Raincoats are rarely the height of fashion, but practicality is making a come-back and Stutterheim is leading the charge. They have a unique and charming style about them, both classic and contemporary, which I find to be a brilliant thing. On top of that, each one is made with such care and craftsmanship, so much so that each one is signed and numbered by the seamstress. Seriously.

This is not throwaway fashion; this is a durable, practical and beautiful investment. This is Swedish melancholy at its driest.

Stutterheim is available at EAST DANE.

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