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Thursday, 27 November 2014

The British Army has been a strong inspiration for many brands, especially for those that admire both style and practicality. One brand that has taken this to a new level is Smart Turnout. Their products include watches, belts, ties, and even clothing, all in their unique combination of military and preppy influences. 

I have managed to get my hands on the College watch from what is quite an extensive (and beautiful) watch range, to test out and show you guys. After some time wearing it and testing it out with a few outfits, I have found that it can work with anything. That's the benefit of having the interchangeable 18mm canvas straps,  I can tailor the watch to the outfit, or I can alter my outfit around the watch.

My next step is to get a plain navy strap. I love the focus on stripes with Smart Turnout and it fits their style incredibly well, but I think a plain strap would compliment the watch perfectly, along with fitting my personal style better. But, here are a couple of pictures of this little wonder so you can see what I'm talking about...

Obviously you will get a better quality watch by paying a lot more - that's how it works - but you couldn't ask for better with the price you pay for Smart Turnout. Alongside the style and price - this watch will tell the time accurately, so long as you set it correctly, and as far as I know, it won't break unless you break it. Could you ask for any more?

Since Christmas is coming up, I figured it would be a good idea to mention the fact that this, along with a selection of other watches, are available in box sets. Each box set includes your chosen watch and three extra straps, all for a discounted price. Find them here.

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