Davidoff Destination*

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Being a firm believer in 'the details make the man', I have a passion for accessories. This doesn't mean that I over-accessorise or go for statement pieces all the time, instead I opt for a minimalistic approach to accessories and choose those that cater to my every need. I'm a quality over quantity kind of man. With this in mind, I'm going to introduce you to the New York - JFK holdall from the Davidoff Destination collection, the perfect addition to any man's accessory collection.

The collection is designed for the traveller, whether travelling to Paris for pleasure or Dubai for business, this collection is a stunning way to do it. The selection includes the New York - JFK, the London - LHR 1ZIP, the London - LHR 2ZIP and the Shanghai - PVG. All items are made in Italy with supreme craftsmanship and only using the finest materials, and then named after a key city with their airport code. The double side lines, or "stripes", feature on all of the bags and mirror old fashioned trunks. Modern and contemporary bags with a nod to the past.

I truly wish I were more of a traveller after acquiring such a beautiful bag, and thoroughly look forward to when I can show it off some more. Until then, it is snuggly tucked away in its very own dust bag, which is quite a nice touch. I believe the New York - JFK is the true essential of the collection as it really is the most versatile, and lets face facts, it is bloody beautiful.

Keep an eye out for my next post on the Shanghai - PVG Pouch.

Cheers guys,


  1. Great pics, great post and BRILLIANT bag!