BOSS Orange Watches - The Review*

Friday, 7 November 2014

You may remember that last month I introduced you all to the new collection from BOSS Orange Watches. Since then, I have been sent a watch by the guys at BOSS Orange to review and style with an outfit. Please take into account the small fact that I am not a horological expert of any sort - as much as I would love to be - so this review will be based on practical aspects, looks, and any quality aspects I can identify. Technically speaking, it seems to tell the time efficiently with a Quartz movement - all you have to do it make sure it's set to the right time. We're off to a good start.

The main thing I noticed about this watch is that it is a big watch, and by big I mean gargantuan. Do not even consider this style of watch if you have weak wrists, it will destroy you. Not to say that as a negative though, it's simply not what I was used to. Now I have had a while to wear it; had a link taken out; and thought about how to style an outfit with it, I have come to terms with the size and weight. Furthermore, I am adamant that you would have to go to some Brainiac/Myth Busters, placing it under the front foot of a moving elephant*, insane level of stupid to even make a dent in this beast.

*This is purely conjecture and has not been scientifically tested.

Style wise, I love it. It's both refined and quirky at the same time. Its masculinity is obvious, yet toyed with by the addition of bright orange. I wouldn't wear it with black tie, but it's fantastic for a casual, urban-styled, laid-back style. I feel like it adds a bit of individuality to the outfit, rather than a watch that's going to sink into the background. This is no tame, meek or docile timepiece... this is a passionate, full-frontal, cards on the table type of ticker. That's what BOSS Orange Watches do best: Statement, sporty, masculine pieces with personality.

I decided to style the outfit around the watch, focusing on black and orange within as much as possible (without overdoing it, of course). Tying in colours is always how I like to dress, but to base the colour palette around the accessory was a new and fun experience for me  one that I'd definitely recommend trying. Of course I opted for my bright orange Eastpak, but also decided to go for a subtle addition of some jeans with orange stitching. The rest was easy and I ended up with my biker jacket, black jumper and my Red or Dead burgundy boots to really top off the easy-going style.

Do you like BOSS Orange Watches? If you do then keep an eye out for next month's post, also in partnership with BOSS Orange Watches, where I will be giving you the chance to win one!

Cheers guys,