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Saturday, 18 October 2014

I'm now about to introduce you to a womenswear brand and this is a first for me, however it does link into menswear as well, so bear with me. Meet NEON, the one-colour, British born and made, luxury trainer brand that is currently undergoing the Kickstarter process and hoping to make an impact on the fashion industry. I would definitely put them down as one to keep an eye on.

I came across NEON quite some time ago and fell in love with the concept and quality of their trainers, but found myself disappointed as they were only women's. So I contacted them anyway and put out the idea for bringing out male sizing (no harm in trying), and apparently a few other guys have done the same since.

These trainers are made in a footwear factory in Northampton (where all the classic British shoes come from) that has been family-run since 1908. We all know the importance of British made products, and the quality that the Northampton footwear heritage will bring to these shoes makes NEON a brand to take seriously.

Definitely take some time out of your day to check out NEON on Kickstarter. All I can show you on here are the women's looks but it does give you a good idea of the styles available. Currently, the male offering includes pool blue, tomato soup red and peroxide white, but more male versions may become available with enough interest - I'd certainly love a black pair!

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