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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Although I'm not what you'd probably class as a stereotypical 'manly man', I am easily swayed by anything that I have to build myself. It might be the idea of cutting out the middle man, or simply the pride of having put the blood, sweat, and tears into something. Either way, when I realised that you can buy a DIY SLR camera (the Konstructor from Lomography), I had to have it. So here it is, the Konstruktor camera, from start to finish...

The Konstruktor boasts a build time of 1-2 hours and I would call that accurate. I took far longer to do it than that, but continuously pausing to take photos didn't help (Blogger problems).

The kit is beautifully reminiscent of the Airfix models that I used to build when I was younger; however the end product of this will end up being used, instead of being left collecting dust on a windowsill.

I found the instructions to be fairly simple, especially considering what is being built. Some elements have been put together for you, in particular, the mechanism inside the light chamber. They do include how the light chamber works which is a fantastic touch, but since it'd be rather intricate to build, it's best that they've done it for you.

Once it's all done, you get the option of customising the camera with the stickers provided. I chose to only add the black leather-like grip and panels, but that's because I prefer the minimalist look of it.

I will admit that I completely buggered up my first film, which sucked. I think I wound it the wrong way by accident, or didn't quite get the mechanism right. Whatever happened, buying more film straight away was a pain in the arse. I quickly opened up the Konstruktor, fixed it, and since then it's been an absolute dream.

I would definitely recommend buying this. The basic version of the Konstruktor comes in at £29, which is an absolute steal. From there you can now get a Konstruktor F, which is enabled so you can attach a flash, for £33. If decide on this option then I'd recommend getting the Konstruktor F Bundle so you get everything in one go. Prices for this range from £79.15 to £91.15. Clearly more expensive but worth it if you plan on many indoor/night photos.

As soon as I get my film processed, I will scan in the photos and show you guys how the come out.

Cheers guys,

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  1. This is cool!


  2. This sounds amazing! As a lover of all things photography I'm dying to try this now! Great post!