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Monday, 6 October 2014

Watches are what I'd consider to be my only essential accessory. I could go without a bag, without jewellery or even without socks, but I feel truly naked without a watch on my wrist. Thinking about that, I've always been set in my ways in regards to the watches I like, generally opting for the classic and simple styles, rather than the sporty/laid-back items such as those from BOSS Orange Watches. These days, however, I have been trying to open up avenues in my style previously left unexplored - Namely more casual and urban brands/styles. Since doing that, BOSS Orange Watches have been put to the top of my list of wants.

If you're a fan of the casual and individual sports-luxe style then BOSS Orange Watches could be the go-to watch brand to suit with a watch to fit anyone. So when they sent across a few images from their new collection, I thought I'd show you. All of the watches below keep within the BOSS Orange Watches distinct style, which is sporty, urban and with a hint of orange (A colour that I used to be averted to but am now surprisingly fond of). I have to say that the New York is definitely my favourite out of these three.

From left to right: New York 3-Hands, Sao Paulo - 50 MM, Brisbane Multieye.

Watch out for the next post, in partnership with BOSS Orange Watches. I will be testing out and styling up one of these beauties so you can see what they're really like.

What are your thoughts on the watch front? Would you opt for the sporty look, the classic look, or both?

Cheers guys,

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  1. Dope watches, I would def go with sporty. Menswear is sporty right now even if you're doing slack with sneakers.