Anatomic Nova Boot Review*

Sunday, 26 October 2014

You may remember that I recently introduced you guys to Anatomic shoes and their new collection (here). To sum them up, if you didn't read that post: Anatomic is comfort footwear company that actually has style, which is a very rare thing. After the post, I was lucky enough to be sent a beautiful pair of boots from Anatomic to review (Anatomic Nova boots). Essentially, you can tell that they are stylish through a photograph, but comfort can only be felt, not seen, and I'm not going to tell you that they are super-comfy without knowing that they are as comfy as they claim them to be.

With complete and utter honesty, I can tell you that these are some insanely comfy boots. Furthering that, the full-grain leather is as soft as the sole, which is quite the achievement, and I haven't stopped receiving compliments since wearing them. The only thing about these boots that I have struggled with is the colour, but that is only because I'm going through a dark/black phase and so chestnut brown is tough for me at the moment.

I would've shown you an entire outfit to accompany these, but considering how lush they are, I felt they deserved the limelight.

Cheers guys,

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