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Friday, 24 October 2014

Earlier this year, I put up a post (found here) about the announcement of the collaboration between German-giants, adidas Originals, and British-giants, Barbour. In this I said that they will probably draw on the rich heritage coming from both sides of the pond, thus targeting both the 'Sports-luxe' and the 'Made in...' markets. Bloody genius. Although I also said that the collection would probably hit the stores in October, but it's actually available from the 8th of November...

I'm not giving up blogging to become a fortune teller quite yet.

Being honest, many collaborations come from one huge company and one smaller company, or individual. Usually this ends up with one bringing the new spin on a classic and the other bringing the distribution and following. Well consider this a new breed of collaboration: Two absolute goliath companies pitching in equally to draw from their epic combined history, design basis, dedicated following and distribution channels. Also considering that Barbour and adidas aren't even close to being in competition, all I can say is: "Why the hell this hasn't been done before?!"

The collaboration comes in three themes: Country, Spectator, and Military. Thus drawing from every aspect of the combined past of the two companies.




Basically, I am in love with the Country trainers and I need to have them. I don't know the pricing yet but I really hope I can afford them. Based on other adidas collaborations, I would guess the price at about £120 for the first three trainers and £175 for the Military collection ones. Also, expect to be paying around the £500+ marker for the jackets. I am infatuated with adidas Originals trainers and growing up in Norfolk (UK) means that Barbour basically runs in my veins - I've never wanted something from a collaboration more.

Paul Arnett, Barbour’s Head of Footwear said “We are delighted to be collaborating with adidas 
Originals. Taking inspiration from both our archives and working with the adidas Consortium team, we have been able to create jackets and footwear that combine the tradition and heritage of both brands into modern limited edition pieces that will become highly covetable classics.”
Daniel Bauer, Director adidas Originals Statement said “The collaboration with Barbour is a truly inspiring and exciting partnership. Both brands share a rich heritage, long history and dedication to deliver premium products which was driving both teams through the creation process. We are privileged being able to work with Barbour and are proud of the collection.”

These items will be available at END. Clothing (and other stockists) from November 8th.

Cheers guys,

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