Joe Browns Parka*

Thursday, 25 September 2014

This is actually the first time I have ever owned or even worn a parka. I'm not sure why but I've never considered it to suit my style. However, when Joe Browns contacted me about their Autumn/Winter collection and asked for me to style an item of my choice, I decided to go against what I had always considered as 'my style' (something I've been trying to do lately) and opt for a parka. So I chose the 'Awesome Padded Parka' - yes, that is actually it's name - and here's how I styled it from my wardrobe, and how I would style it from the rest of the Joe Browns Autumn/Winter collection.

Being suited to winter, I thought I would style the parka with some boots, trousers and a shirt - nothing summery. Definitely loving this parka and you will be seeing me in it quite often, when it gets a little colder of course. Anyway, if I were to style the parka with items from Joe Browns' new collection, this is what I'd put with it...

Joe Browns is a great place to go if you're looking for a laid back look with a slight worker/biker influence. Their new collection is all about 'living it up' and generally enjoying the adventure, so everything they do is practical and of fantastic quality, but also not too expensive, so you don't feel too precious about it. I'd definitely recommend the parka, the quality is amazing and it's like being hugged by the Cup-a-Soup monster.

Cheers guys,

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  1. I love the parka, and I think Parka's are really becoming a 'thing' where you can really style them into your style and a little more dressed up.
    Kelsey x