The Cars Are The Stars - Thelma & Louise

Friday, 29 August 2014

What do you remember from films such as Gone in Sixty Seconds? The Dukes of Hazzard? Thelma & Louise? The Italian Job? etc. Naturally you remember the phenomenal story lines, but you also remember Eleanor, the Shelby GT500; General Lee; the beautiful 1966 Ford Thunderbird, and the three nearly indestructible Minis.

"You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

This is something that is well known... we love our movie cars! But these cars don't get nominated for The Academy Awards, nor do they even get invited to the film premier. It's about time that we recognised these stunning automobiles for the wonders that they are. Compare The Market happens to be a company that agrees with me on this (shock horror).

With a love for muscle cars, Beth and I decided to go for the Thelma & Louise package. This involved a visit to The London Motor Museum and then dinner. Here's the day in pictures...

My weakness is muscle cars. I absolutely love the things and I really have a soft spot for the Shelby GT500. I was about eight when Gone in Sixty Seconds came out and probably about ten when I first watched it (because it took about two years for anything to be released on video back then), and Eleanor had me.

Surprisingly, I was fed up of the sight of the Shelby GT500 by the time I left the London Motor Museum. Out of what was about fifteen muscle cars, five of them were GT500s. Seriously, screw that. It was great seeing them but I didn't need to see it five times over.

The London Motor Museum was actually a massive disappointment. I have been to Beaulieu before, which was astounding, so to end up here was pretty shit. It felt like I was in someone's garage. There are some phenomenal cars there, but they were crammed in together, they lacked information, and the displays were really poor.

Now, this is probably the perfect way to symbolise that "The Cars Are The Stars". The museum was shit but the cars were beautiful and really were the stars. 

We then went off to The Portman in Marylebone for dinner and I have to say that it turned the day around. First, I had to try out my new camera and then, food...

The meal was pretty freakin' sweet. The first meal shown was Beth's starter, the braised artichoke salad. After that was a steak cut that I've never had before, onglet steak with béarnaise sauce and stealth fries. Both were absolutely lush.

To top the day off, after our meal we found these...

Cheers guys (and thank you Compare The Market),

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