HYMN London A/W14 - Ft. Ricki Hall

Saturday, 2 August 2014

An impressive standard has been set by the London based menswear brand, HYMN. Their Spring/Summer '14 collection, 'HYMN to the Sea' was possibly one of the best debut collections imaginable for a new company. Their attention to detail, quirky themes, high quality and great pricing attracted all the right forms of attention and praise. So you'd assume that it'd be toughnay, impossibleto follow up, right?


Enter famed male model Ricki Hall as a brand ambassador wearing the new collection... Congratulations HYMN, you've outdone yourselves.

Here is my selection of the new collection:

This is the good shit. I don't usually like printed sweatshirts yet I want that Stegosaurus boldly embellished across my chest. Everything about the collection is ideal for any man and would mould to any wardrobe. That's an impressive feat of fashion. Go and look at the rest of the collection and see for yourself: www.HYMNLondon.com

To the guys at HYMN: You now have the challenge of topping this season next year. Good luck.

Cheers guys,

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