Another Day In London

Sunday, 24 August 2014

I am gradually becoming more acquainted with London, especially now I have bagged a Photography/PR internship in Shoreditch. But with Felicities closed for a week and nothing better to do, I decided to go into London anyway. Here's what I got up to.

To start, I have to admit that I have never been to either Oxford Street or Carnaby Street before. With this in mind, I found them both to be absolutely beautiful, Oxford Street especially when standing in the middle of the road (as seen above). On the other hand, I found shopping on Oxford Street to be one of my most hated shopping experiences. People piss me off at the best of times, so when I'm in a place where it feels like everyone is going against you, it was not enjoyable. However, I did find a few things.

As you will see later on, I was wearing my new Selected HOMME x Daniel Van Der Noon - Metropolis sweater, from Topman, so when I went into the Oxford Street Topman and saw these, I was both happy to see the whole collection, and worried that I'd be stopped for shoplifting.

I then popped into a shop that I rarely go into, and that's New Look. Usually I go under the assumption that I won't find anything in there of much quality or substance - I don't think the company itself even has much faith in their menswear. However I have been informed by someone who works there that the A/W collection is pretty on point this year, so I had a look and I was only partly disappointed (which is better than usual).

I'd like to focus on the coat seen above (found here), which seems to be New Look embracing some form of Swedish melancholy, mimicking the likes of the wonderful Swedish raincoat brand, Stutterheim. Naturally, the price being £39.99 instead of £200, makes it a pretty decent dupe.

Yes, I went full tourist here. I couldn't help myself... what with the colourful buildings, picturesque sign, clear(ish) sky and, of course, the scaffolding.

As you may already know, I paid a visit to the Lomography store on Newburgh Street. You can see all about that here.

This had to be added: The wall in the basement of the Abandon Ship store, also on Newburgh Street. I was a little transfixed when I came across it.

After a great meeting, including a few pints, the next stop was Liberty. Since I hadn't been there before either, I was told that I needed to have at least a quick look around. I did exactly that and made myself feel like shit for not being able to buy anything.

It was then time to pop off to meet a friend for a pint and a pretty damn tasty burger. I asked him to take a couple of pictures of my outfit for the day. Here it is...

More on the burger another time.

Cheers guys,

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