Anatomic A/W14 Collection

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I would usually be the first to steer away from shoes made by a company with a labrador's head outlined for a logo, and a particular penchant for advertising how comfortable they are. Not due to any form of snobbery but because they are usually the warning signs of some particularly outdated styles. Contrary to this, the Autumn/Winter '14 Anatomic collection is pretty on-point. Here's a little preview...

Due to the fact that the collection is pretty decent, I am thoroughly intrigued to see just how comfortable they are. This should be a hint to all comfort-driven shoe companies, get a little more style into your designs. Anatomic has the head start. (Seriously, those tan brogue boots are lush)

Take a look at the whole collection by clicking here.

Cheers guys,


  1. Really like the first pair - can't say I've heard of the brand before