Aigle x Alex & Marine

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Aigle, the classic French brand, sets off it's A/W14 collection with a collaboration with Alex & Marine; two artists that have a particular flare for all things furry and feathered. It seems especially fitting, what with 'Aigle' meaning Eagle in French, and this has certainly been brought into the collection with one t-shirt and both pairs of shoes being based around an eagle, as you can see below...

The entire collection comprises of three t-shirts and two pairs of trainers. I have always been a big fan of when artists collaborate with brands because you know there has been a lot of effort put into each item from both parties. This collection is no different in that respect. I may not be one to wear the t-shirts, but I appreciate the detail in the artists' drawings.

I would wear the trainers, however - Maybe not the hi-tops, but that's a personal preference. The idea of having an artist's design on shoes is not exactly new but it's rarely done well, and these are done beautifully in my opinion. Take a look at some other angles (and the price), by clicking here.

Cheers guys,


  1. Wow some of their stuff is pretty incredible! I know many that will want the bear shirt. Are they not based in the UK at all?

  2. Thank you for the comment, Sam. Don't worry, I wouldn't post it if you couldn't get it. Aigle ship to the UK for 13€ (about £10.40) - I've known worse delivery rates.