Festival Essential: Pits & Bits*

Thursday, 31 July 2014

For those of you who are lucky enough to be going to a festival this year, or in fact anyone who ever has any intention of going to a festival ever, this is a post for you. Let me introduce you to Pits & Bits, the perfect way to keep you clean throughout your festival endeavours.

The inevitable smell is what we all know it to be a common problem around festival season. This is a product to solve that and to become the ultimate festival essential and an absolute must-have. I know the initial reaction to this will be for people to say that baby wipes do the trick, which they do to an extent. However these genuinely leave you feeling far more clean and generally odour-free than baby wipes do (yes, I have compared).

The towel off body wash is £2.49 (found here) and the expandable wipes are £1.69 (found here), both from Filthy Fox, a fantastic website dedicated to your every festival need. Anyway, here's how this all works...

Take one of the expandable wipe tablet things and add the body wash. Watch as the tablet expands out and then pull to unravel it into a full wipe and soap it up (add more if desired/particularly smelly)...

Clean yourself, towel off and you're done. You can either chuck the wipe if you're feeling loose with money, or you can keep it for another use. They're pretty tough things.

There you have it. You can be the only one at the festival that doesn't smell like shit. Not that anyone will really notice that but you will feel clean and that's rare.

Cheers guys,

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