Chatty Feet & Don Cottone*

Friday, 25 July 2014

Chatty Feet is somewhat of a genius concept. Novelty socks are not my cup of tea, nor are striped socks, yet I completely love Chatty Feet socks. I own a pair of Don Cottone socks and have absolutely no issue with wearing a pair to work or even to an interview. Why is this?

The problem with standard novelty socks is that they are usually garish and unprofessional. Some may like this aspect but it's not for me. To counteract this, Chatty Feet has taken the advantage you get with novelty underwear and applied it to socks: As far as everyone else is aware, you're wearing normal socks.

When you are donning Don Cottone or have Prof. Brian Sox on your feet, no one is any the wiser until you take off your shoes. The best bit is that even if no one sees your socks that day (although you are likely to take off your shoes just to show someone at some point), you will chuckle to yourself whenever you see them. Basically, these beauties are designed to make you happy and they do.

Chatty Feet socks come in a range of styles and sizes, for men, women and children. Prices start at £5 a pair for children and £7 for men and women, but you can also get bundles that are cheaper.

If you fancy smiling when you take off your shoes (and not just because your feet hurt like hell) then opt for a pair and you won't regret it.

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