A Day In London: Part Two - Walk Tall & Smile Big

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

You may recollect from Part One of A Day In London, I had been invited along to London for the Company Music Party, an event to celebrate a couple of rising stars in the music industry. Beth and I decided to go along and make a day of it. Part One told the first half of the day that was both eclectic and exciting. This is the latter half of our day in London and it starts with some outfit photos in Hoxton...

I decided to go a little more casual than I did for the Company Style Blogger Awards, opting for the beautiful Stanhill chambray shirt from Joules, black skinny chinos from Next and black derby lace-ups, also from Next. The Eastpak Gazebo in Lifelike Orange was added to this, alongside a gold stag lapel pin from River Island (that I then lost in a taxi later on).
With outfit photos done and some time wasted, Beth and I decided to walk from where we were, over to The Queen of Hoxton, the venue for the evening.

I have to say that The Queen of Hoxton is basically the wet dream of any Shoreditch dweller and that's no bad thing. It is the kind of place that you take an old friend who's come to visit for the weekend to make you seem like some exemplary fusion of cultured and cool. It features drinks just dear enough to make you seem successful, yet not so much to make you revolt in horror at the cost of a round or seem like you're showing off. Also, it's quirky as shit, as proven by the incestuous stairwell graffiti below...

Seriously... what the fuck is happening and why do they seem to have cat anuses for Adam's apples?

Beardy-tonguers aside, we decided to take advantage of the free BBQ and beer, sit up on the rooftop (which is up about 20 flights of stairs by the way) and enjoy the sun and the atmosphere of the Company Music Party.

Beth decided to get her hand hennaed which ended up looking pretty cool. After this we went downstairs and enjoyed some music from the stars of the show, Rainy Milo and Laurel. Both of which were extremely talented and although not my style of music, I enjoyed listening to some fresh talent. I would show you pictures but the lighting was absolutely awful and all my pictures turned out to look like they had been taken in a darkroom. Not ideal.

We then spent the rest of the evening drinking, playing table football, admiring graffiti and enjoying the sentiment of a massive and eccentric neon sign...

The walk back to the tube with our goodie-bags was also entertaining with more graffiti (the first picture), drunken chats and some symmetrical lighting that was relished by the budding photographer within.

There you have it, alongside Part One (found here), this was a full day in London and what a day it was. It was genuinely awesome and I can't get over how lucky I have become with this blogging stuff. I assure you that there will be more exciting stuff to come!

Cheers guys,


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    1. Thanks Kitt! I bought it quickly the day of the Company Style Blogger Awards (my previous stag lapel pin had broken)... Then I lost this one after this day in London. So I'm now waiting of another to arrive (same as the first).

      Such effort!

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    1. Beth got the goodie bag at the end filled with all the girlie stuff (x2 as I got one too)... I got the burgers and the beer. Great day.