A Day In London: Part One - The Orange Bag, The Tent & Table Tennis

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Soon after the Company Style Blogger Awards, I received an invite to the Company Music Party for the following Wednesday... How could I say no?

So Beth and I decided to make a day of it to get our money's worth - travelling isn't my bank account's best friend after all. This left me with the task of finding things to do before heading off to the party at 6:30pm, and find things I did. This is part one of our day - and what a day it was...

Our first destination was North Mews where we ended up in a flat (pictured above) that would probably sell for a tad under £1 million - I have even looked it up. Here we met up with Anne from Radiator PR, were offered free drinks and were shown some of the brands they work with, mainly including Ipanema and Eastpak.

Shit started getting surreal at the moment when we were offered a bag and a pair of flip-flops each. Don't get me wrong, I am a blogger and at the stage where I do get given things to review and wear, which is something I will never complain about and it is an insane privilege. However this does not mean that I am used to it or that I have stopped feeling like a random guy walking in off the street, feeling out of his depth (nor will that ever change).

Due to the longer day in London, I already had my Eastpak Floid backpack with me when I was presented with the opportunity to have another Eastpak (I chose the Eastpak Gazebo in the rather bold, "Lifelike Orange"). This led to what can only be described as bagception’, as you may be able to notice below.

Following our meet with Anne and Radiator PR, Beth and I headed over to a place called The Tent, located near to Kings Cross train station. Here we met up with Jonathan (pictured below alongside yours truly), the founder of Brothers We Stand, a hub for men's clothing brands that are leading the way in social and environmental impact. There will be more to come on what we discussed and the collaboration between O&U and BWS in the future so look out for that. Until then, here are some snaps.

(Yes, that is a chair made out of the rubber-end of pencils and yes, it is awesome)

The Tent is an inspiring place that feels like home the moment you're there. It is a free work space for the creative industries, set it what looks like a bog-standard office block, yet completely demolishes and redefines the preset expectations of an office - perfectly suiting all the creatives among us. It's the perfect setting for Brothers We Stand and it was great to visit. I look forward to the future.

This ended up being a random start to the day. What we thought would be a boring few hours that we would kill before the party turned out to be incredibly productive and eventful. Any day that includes table tennis is good by me.

Another post is to come which will be part two of our day in London, including some outfit pictures and the Company Music Party at The Queen of Hoxton - so look out for that.

Cheers guys,


  1. Love the bright orange Eastpak bag man. The feeling doesn't go away, it's always insanely brilliant when someone wants to give you something. Great day hey!

    1. Yeah it really was. Need to spend more time in London, probably with the orange Eastpak again.

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