Summer Shirts with Joules*

Friday, 6 June 2014

With the festival season on the horizon, the weather feeling slightly more predictable than usual and holidays on their way, it's probably time for we men to start thinking about summer shirts. Especially for the sartorially inclined, there are only so many t-shirts a man can wear before he begins to get bored of his own style. That's not something that I would wish upon anyone. How can a man both look and feel fresh in the height of summer? Also, can he do that without breaking the bank?

My answer to these questions is going to have to be Joules. The classic countryside-style fashion brand has definitely tailored their clothes toward the equestrian-folk of the world and so are usually overlooked when thinking about the next place to buy from. This should not be the case. I've plucked out a few of their men's items that would genuinely be awesome for the summer, and here they are:
I can assure you that you will see me wearing the chambray shirt in the bottom left, I absolutely love it! More to the point, if you are looking for a plain polo shirt that will keep you cool and stylish without breaking the bank, I would recommend the Joules ones above (white polo found here, navy polo found here), that sell for only £34.95. I have to say that the horizontally striped short-sleeve shirt (top right) also caught my eye.

I have to admit that although I am a city-dweller these days, I grew up in the country and have always had a special place in my heart for Joules that you may not have but give them a chance, they won't disappoint.

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