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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Socks have become a strong style statement in the last few years. The majority of men now stick two fingers up to the sock rules (found on AskMen) that have oppressed our feet for so long and go for socks that match their shirt instead of their trousers, or match nothing at all (for the real rebels). The London Sock Company is here to facilitate the disregard for these draconian sock laws. But what makes them better than buying socks from the high street?

After having a few weeks with four pairs of The London Sock Company socks, I will strongly vouch for their quality and comfort. They offer a great range of colours (found here), and you can even get a box of them, such as the 'Lord of the Manor' for £45. Overall, the socks are awesome, but they are not the most remarkable part of what the company offers.

We all know that we need to replenish our socks reasonably often, some even say to bin the old and bring in the new every six months, yet going out to buy socks is the most mundane task and one that doesn't score highly in the average man's priority list. From this, the 'Sock Club Subscription' was born. Choose either 1, 2 or 3 pairs of socks per month and have them sent to your door. The more you get, the cheaper it is.

Adding to the great quality, colours and a subscription service (if that wasn't already enough), The London Sock Company donates warm socks to the homeless people of London in their 'Pull Your Socks Up' campaign. So if you want to know why you should buy your socks from The London Sock Company, it's because they provide great socks, add convenience and make a difference to the world... What other sock company does that?!

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