The Annie's Burger Shack Review

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My dad went to visit Richard, my brother, in Nottingham a few weeks ago and has been raving about a place named 'Annie's Burger Shack' ever since. Due to this I was more than excited by the idea of going there when I popped up that way and it also happened to be the first thing Richard suggested. This was my experience...

Imagine walking through the grandiose scenery of Nottingham's Lace Market and turning into a rather opulent doorway with a modern matte black sign above your head. Add that to being in the knowledge that you're about to have what you have been told will be one of the most astounding burgers you will ever have and you have the situation I was faced with.In such a scene, I braced myself for utter disappointment believing that all of my expectations have been built up far higher than could be met, let alone exceeded. I soon began drafting sarcastic texts to send to my dad, thanking him for what I thought would turn out to have been extreme exaggeration on his part. Only after such preparation was I ready to set foot in the building. Instantly I was impressed and gladly surprised when stepping into Annie's. The atmosphere was phenomenal with the medley of sound, smell and visual stimulation. It is fantastic to walk into a place where it's obvious that extreme care and attention has been put into the smallest of details.We were told that a table would ready for us in half an hour and so we duly proceeded to the bar where the choice for beers and drinks would rival that of the best brewery. The Adnams Dry Hopped Lager was chosen on a whim and turned out to be a greatly fruity beginning to the Annie's experience - I was even given a small amount to try before buying which is never a bad thing.   

After fifteen minutes we were called to our table. It's a rarity to find a place that genuinely lives up to their stated waiting time, especially one that is renowned for having a long wait. We sat down, cracked open the menu and started perusing for the burger that would best suit our cravings. Yet even with a specific idea of my tastes, I found myself dumbfounded. The menu is awe-inspiring, eclectic and caused my stomach to rumble with every burger's poetic description. 

Rob, our brilliant waiter for the night, came over to take our orders and instantly recognised the anguish on my face (A look that shall be referred to as the 'Annie's Menu Face' from this day on). He questioned my tastes, whether I was working on a blank canvas or whether I had been considering any burgers. I explained that I was stuck between the likes of The Hawaiian, The Caribbean, The Boston Nibbler and The Jamie Blackmore. Without hesitation he described the benefits, drawbacks and his personal experiences of each burger, suggesting either The Boston Nibbler or The Jamie Blackmore as a good starter burger. I trusted his knowledgeable advice and settled on The Jamie Blackmore.

The Jamie Blackmore / 11.90
Burger topped with 8 hour slow cooked BBQ'd pulled pork. Topped with melted Red Leicester and a pinch of fresh salsa.  

Happy with our choice (Richard went for the same), with a predicted forty-five minutes waiting time and after some added beer advice from Rob, we ordered our next round. Opting for a Bitburger was a fitting decision as the Bitburger glass mascot-man summed up the whole meal...

As you can tell by the beer level in the next picture, either Richard and I are very slow drinkers or the food came faster than expected (again). Knowing us, it was the latter. Somehow I refrained long enough to take a picture before eating:

The Verdict: The burger was astonishing and would have been jaw-dropping had I not been so afraid of losing some of it as my jaw dropped. All elements of the burger were cooked to perfection and played with my tastebuds in ways I had never previously experienced. Everything about Annie's is fantastic, whether it be the food, the atmosphere, the beer choice, the service or even the fact that you can choose between a hand-dryer and paper towels in the bathroom... Everything. This place successfully exceeded my insanely high expectations.

It's safe to say that you do not go to Annie's for a meal; you go to Annie's for an experience. If you live in Nottingham or ever go there then stop by and thank me once you have.

Cheers guys,

P.S. If you read this Annie, Rob deserves a pay rise (or at least free drink) for his impeccable service.

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