Honey, I'm Home

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Currently residing in Southampton, Beth and I have made the arduous journey back to our home, Norfolk, to spend a couple of weeks seeing our families, friends and the animals (of course). Since I am back at home in the countryside, I am hoping to get a few photo-orientated posts up in near future. This is helped by the reasonably new addition of my Panasonic Lumix GX1 and the most recent addition of my Floid backpack - allowing my camera to always be accessible. 

Due to being bogged down with work, I haven't really tested out the GX1 to the full extent of its capabilities yet. At this point, I'd struggle to fault it as it is beautiful, quick to focus and is phenomenal with vibrant colours, as shown above. Soon after that picture, my cameraand attentionturned to my rather photogenic animals. Here are the results:

For those of you who are curious: The big dog is Oscar; the small dog is Sammy, and the cat is Sally. Also, the final photo is from the last time I was home but I love it.

Cheers guys,


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