Bowler Hats and Tattoo Designs

Monday, 19 May 2014

We all know that style isn't all about clothes and accessories. Tattoos could easily be considered as one of the greatest expressions of style. It's one thing to be able to piece together outfits; it's something else entirely to get something permanently imprinted on your body.

Tattoos now play a massive role in fashion, art and basically everything, and they have increased in popularity drastically in the last few years, leading to them being vastly more acceptable than they once were. Although there are one or two negatives coming from that, there are some great advantages. For example, it's not such big question as to whether you will be able to get a job with tattoos, and you can easily cover them at the very least.

Since tattoos are such an expression of style, I thought I'd write this and show you my first and so far, only tattoo (below), along with some tattoo inspiration and designs. This will just be a small collection of tattoos or images that I have saved to inspire me for my next tattoo(s).

(A lot of people find the idea of having a bowler hat as a tattoo to be weird, but my reply to that is that I find the idea of a tattoo of a naked woman weird)

If you couldn't already tell, I like geometric designs and love the idea of getting something like that. At the same time, I always want tattoos that mean something to me. To take my bowler hat as an example, I have it to celebrate and illustrate my love for fashion and the sartorial side of menswear. Adding to that, I will end up getting 'O&U' tattooed somewhere as well, since this blog has done so much for me as a person. I want to continue to get tattoos and maybe end up with a sleeve and keep the bowler hat as the centrepiece... I'll see what happens.

How do you feel about tattoos? Do you think they should all have meaning or can simply be designs you like? Also, if you have any unique or awesome tattoos, please do show me.

Cheers guys,

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