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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

It is rare to say that a man from my home city of Norwich deserves a 'Style Icon' status. Not to say that Norwich/Norfolk isn't stylish, but it's not exactly a place that's known for fashion. Due to this, I am proud to present Jim Chapman as the newest addition to my 'Style Icon' series. Jim is a 26 year old, YouTube sensation with 1.3 million subscribers—which is significantly more than the entire population of Norfolk—and he is a man that probably feels like he is living in a dream at the moment.

At this point I would normally include a picture of Jim and then show how to imitate/channel that outfit, but instead, I believe that more can be learnt from a few of his outfits, rather than only looking at one:

What you can see here is an impressive selection of Burberry, Aquascutum, Oliver Sweeney and more. Jim has a wardrobe that I would kill for and in complete honesty, this man has had more of a direct influence on my style than any other celebrity. 

There is a certain brilliance to Jim's look as there is nothing overly flamboyant or eccentric; no garish colours or exuberant patterns - yet his outfits are never dull and always look effortless (whether they are or not). This is a great talent that should not be overlooked. Furthermore, his videos have introduced me to the delights of Reiss, and I will always owe him for that. For all of these reasons, Jim Chapman deserves the title of 'Style Icon' more than most.

Jim: (If you happen to read this) Next time I'm back in Norwich I will have to buy you a cake to say thanks for introducing me to Reiss.

Cheers guys,

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