Robinson & Dapper

Thursday, 10 April 2014

There has always been a special place in my heart for wool accessories, alongside a fondness for anything to do with Scotland (due to my own heritage). Robinson & Dapper channels both of those things into one astounding brand with many stunning products. Ties, bow ties and pocket squares, handmade in Denmark from the finest Scottish wool ensuring they are worth every penny.

Accessories are important for any man of the sartorial persuasion and I personally believe that they are best when they make a subtle statement. It may be mildly oxymoronic but it does make sense, honest. I fell into a conundrum when realising that I wanted to make a statement with my accessories, yet I didn't want to adorn myself with any ghastly patterns or insanely bright colours. Robinson & Dapper is the solution to such a problem.

As you can see below in the Spring/Summer '14 look book, Robinson & Dapper ties, bow ties and pocket squares are a beautiful addition to an outfit and can be styled with smart or casual outfits. They make a statement without being too bold, which is a delicate balance to get right. See for yourself:

The ties, bows and pocket squares come in a selection of colours and patterns ranging from the classics like black, navy and claret; through to gold twill, speckled aqua and Blackwatch Tartan. The pocket squares are priced at €45, bow ties from €69 and ties at €79, all with free international delivery.  

It's official: Robinson & Dapper has reinvented twill, tartan and wool accessories for the modern gentleman.

Cheers guys,