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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

LUKE 1977 was born in Birmingham back in 2001 and seems to pride itself in a slightly paradoxical target market, claiming on their 'About Us' page that they have "all the components of the modern lad, a gentleman, a working class hero and a bit of a rogue". In all honesty, the words 'lad' and 'gentleman' are not usually synonymous. In further honesty, LUKE is not the type of brand I would normally consider or recommend... so why would I bother writing this post?

Firstly, I have already written about LUKE before (found here). Secondly, I have made it my aim as a blogger to not jump to conclusions. It is glaringly obvious that I am not their target customernor will I ever beand so it is no surprise that I wouldn't wear many of their designs. However there is a selection of hidden gems within this brand and those are what I will focus on.

These five shirts show that LUKE is worth keeping an eye on. They aren't over complicated or showy, they are classic shirts with a twist of LUKE's quirky style. I will admit that at £70/£75, these shirts are not cheap, but they are good quality and you're unlikely to bump into someone wearing the same shirt. My personal favourite is easily Slasher (bottom left & below); I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

Those shirts are not the only thing that make LUKE worthy of your attention:

I personally love the Geezer brogues and get compliments on them every time I wear them out. Smart brogues with sport soles are a great look and a definite way to stand out, especially with the current 'sports-luxe' trend. My one recommendation is to change the black laces for red ones to tie the bright red in a bit.

All together, these items show that LUKE has a lot to offer a man who may not consider himself to have any likeness or affiliation with the word 'lad'. With great quality and some hidden gems, I would definitely recommend LUKE

There happens to be a certain moral to this post and that is to not turn your nose up to any brand. It's incredibly tempting, I know, but make sure you give them all a chance... they could surprise you as LUKE surprised me.

Cheers guys,

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