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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Somehow Overdressed & Underprepared has been nominated for the 'Best Designed Blog Award' in the Groom Crew Male Lifestyle Blogger Awards.

This is not something that I am taking lightly and I consider it to be a great honour. The reason for this is the hours and hours I have spent on the design of this blog. There isn't a single bit of code on here that I haven't tweaked or replaced, and the image menu at the top was the bane of my life for about a week or two.

If I manage to win this award then I am genuinely winning an award and being recognised for my own hard work and that would mean the world to me. I have refused to pay someone or ask someone else to design it, mainly because I am picky as hell (and because I don't have the money).

Please go and vote for me (here) if you believe I deserve this award. If I win I will be incredibly and eternally grateful to anyone who has voted. Please comment below if you do!

Cheers guys,

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