The Bluebeards Revenge Review*

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Recently I have had the great compliment of being contacted by The Bluebeards Revenge - This is a company that I have known of for some time, along with owning a couple of items from them, including a shaving brush and a straight razor. However, these previous purchases are not to be mistaken for bias.

I was kindly offered to review their Brushless Shaving Solution and Cooling Moisturiser, which I was incredibly excited about until I remembered that I don't shave. Due to this I am going to give you a review of the moisturiser mentioned before and their Concentrated Bodywash instead. Here they are (apologies for the badly lit and focused images):

Firstly I'd like to start by saying that the boxes are manly. There is no other adjective worthy of describing the packaging of these products. There must have been a discussion about how to grab a man's attention and the team seemed to have come up with two things: Pirates and shiny stuff. They are not wrong. The silver skull and cross bones are striking, especially on the dark blue box.

Easily my favourite thing about the packaging is the fact that the writing isn't boring (as shown below). These boxes have been designed for men, and what do men do? We like to read things on the toilet. So the phrasing is witty and there is even writing inside the box that's all about Orchid - a charity for male cancer - which is awesome. The only thing that would beat this box is if there were jokes printed on the back.

"Surely you don't really need to be told not to eat this stuff or stick it in your eyes?"

Now, onto the actual products. The Concentrated Bodywash is brilliant in the sense that it will wash your body, plus you really don't need that much of it (hence being 'concentrated') as it lathers well. So although the bottle is £9.99 for 250ml, which is a lot in my eyes, it should last quite some time. My only issue with the bodywash is the fact that the bottle makes it feel slightly cheaper than it is, I think it may be the white top or the slightly wonky sticker, but I'm not sure.

The Cooling Moisturiser is pretty much the same story. It works, moisturises my face and is incredible at doing so. You don't need much as it's light and spreads well, and as it's a moisturiser, £9.99 is a much more reasonable price tag. The aluminium bottle is perfect, especially with the pump - so much easier than a squeezy-bottle!

Since using these products I have stayed a clean and moisturised man so I have absolutely no complaints there. The prices are reasonable, although perhaps a little dear for the bodywash and the packaging is brilliant. My only criticism to bring out of this is the bottle of the bodywash feeling a little cheap, and trust me when I say that I was looking for problems the whole time. Big thumbs up for The Bluebeards Revenge team and their products - Well done! Also, congratulations for getting onto ASOS.

Cheers guys,



  1. I enjoy the packaging! It's quite bold & edgy. Lovely review! Looking forward to your future posts ;D

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

  2. The packaging is brilliant - I'm going to try and get some better pictures soon to show it better. Thank you kindly Carsla!