Menswear Wardrobe Essentials - Part 3

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

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The third and final part is here at last! (Find the first two here) This will include the last five items that I deem critical enough to be named essentials, but not critical enough to be in the first two parts. However, it may end up making me regret not making this a two part series, with ten items. There's only one way to find out.

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It's all well and good to own ample blazers, overcoats and coats, be as dapper as you like... but every man needs to be casual sometimes. When it comes to these days, a casual jacket is a must. Whether it be leather, pleather, denim or anything, it is definitely an essential.

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Although the industry is currently obsessed with denim, chinos are a staple for every wardrobe. Whether you prefer navy, camel, beige or even red, the chino is a great asset. Go for a slim fit and pair them with some brogues for the classic look... or with loafers and go preppy (but please stop there, avoiding the sweater draped over the shoulders). If you're not a chinos fan, go for something that's not denim.

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I don't care whether the no-belt look is stylish at the moment, a belt is a must. It may be traditional, but a belt should match the shoes, and the watch strap if possible. Mainly, make sure to own both a black and a brown belt. Separately. No reversible belts, I beg you. I have naïvely wasted my money on one or two, they are not worth it.

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It's coming up to summer and sunglasses are a must. No one likes a squinting man complaining about the sun in his eyes. But more importantly that sunglasses, they should be sunglasses that suit you. Research it, try on a few, or be done with it and go for new wayfarers (they suit almost anyone). A little tip: Most people that wear aviators, do not suit aviators.

(Image: Aspinal of London)
Again, this isn't as simple as owning a wallet, after all, who doesn't? This wardrobe essential is owning a good wallet. A wallet that will last years. I don't mean until it tears so much that you risk losing your cards every time it's open. No. I mean one that will last years and will age like whiskey. Spend a bit of money on it and go for Aspinal of London. You may not keep your wallet in your wardrobe, but it is a vital part of style. There's few things worse than a well-suited man with a velcro wallet. If you think owning a velcro wallet is okay, please leave. Now.

There you have it, the series is complete. Those are the fifteen things I deem most worthy of being named wardrobe essentials. Other items were noted and considered, yet not quite the same level.

If there are any things that you feel need to be in this series, please comment or contact me through one of the various ways available.

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