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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Alpha Industries have been on my, and many people's, radar for quite some time; their brand is full of rich military heritage spanning over 50 years, and their jackets are now synonymous with the stars. This includes the likes of the Beckhams (quite a while ago), to more recently being worn by Jared Leto, Rita Ora, Kanye West (along with 'his' confederate flag) and Cara Delevingne being cuddled by Pharrell in Vogue (below).

That's quite the list of celebrity endorsements if you ask me, but I've never been one to give much of a toss about celebrity endorsements, nor am I huge on casual wear... So what's so good about Alpha Industries? I made a little trip to Camden (the home of the PR company for Alpha in the UK) to find out.

Quality and style are the outstanding features of an Alpha Industries jacket. I'll put it this way: The military tend to not skimp on quality. They have money to spend, so they will spend it on the good shit. Alpha Industries is that good shit. Whilst in Camden I tried on a few of the jackets and every single one was as good as the last -  I have had/still have a lot of jackets and Alpha beats almost all of them on quality. Here are some examples of those Alpha jackets from this season:

The MA-1 Flight Jacket is now the stuff of legend; the fishtail parka is simply awesome and the field jackets are beautifully made and classic (coming from a man who has grown up in the countryside - that means a lot). I feel that Alpha can't put a foot wrong at the moment and the current obsession with heritage, along with the 'Made in...' movement, is on their side.

However I may see one possible problem for the jacket-giants and that's the coming summer. Who needs a fur-hooded parka or thick flight jacket when there's a heat wave? No one with sweat glands! But trust me, this has been thought of and the jackets have been given a summer make-over for this season. Maybe go for the lighter MA-1 TT or the Vintage Fishtail Lightweight instead of the originals and keep cool.

Seriously, when I first looked at Alpha Industries, I didn't think it was my style. I was far more likely to wear a three-piece suit to the beach than I was to wear a parka or a flight jacket anywhere. But their quality and heritage has won me over and I really want to own something from Alpha Industries. So give them a look and let them win you over as well.

Here are some of their jackets - click through to see prices and information (a couple are reduced in sales too):
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