adidas Originals x Barbour Fall/Winter '14

Saturday, 22 March 2014

I believe that someone in the licensing department of either adidas Originals or Barbour came up with a collaboration of sheer genius. Three of the hottest things at the moment are the 'Sports Luxe' trend, the 'Made in...' movement and the public's love for a good collaboration. The combination of adidas Originals and Barbour is a sweet amalgamation of all three. Channeling the sports heritage of adidas and the British heritage of Barbour is going to hit the market with a bang, I'm sure of it. However, will it be worthy of the hype surrounding it?

This was announced around the 3rd of March and since then I have been trying to find out more about it but to no avail - hence the late nature of this post. I'm afraid that this is being kept well under wraps. All that is known is that it is happening, it will include both clothes and trainers, and it should be hitting the shops in October.

I'll be sure to keep you updated (and apologies for being late on this one).

Cheers guys,