Wallet Friendly Watches

Thursday, 6 February 2014

(Image: watchprosite)
As stated in my 2014 wish list post, I would love to get a new watch this year, and if possible I'd like to get one soon. However, like many of my fellow students, I don't have a huge amount of money; furthermore, of of the money I have available, not much of it can really go toward buying a watch. If anything, food is slightly more important. But this won't stop me from looking and it probably won't stop me buying one if I like it enough (I'm bad like that).

Due to my problem I have decided to put together a post comprising watches under £60 that I consider to be worth buying. Naturally, these may not be to your taste, but you'll probably accept that for under £60, they're pretty awesome. I'm going to attempt to not bore you with bog-standard watches that you can get and so these will have a theme of being dark/black watches. I might sweeten the pot with a more expensive, but beautiful wildcard at the end. So, in ascending price order...

Price: £15
I wouldn't advise wearing this to any job interviews you may have lined up, especially if it involves wearing a suit. On the other hand, this would be a great watch to have for lazy-days or even nights out. Something that isn't going to make you cry if you break it, but still adds some element of style/quirkiness to your outfit. More suitable for a meal at Subway than one at the Ritz.

(Image: ASOS)

Price: £25
Again, this is a big no-no to interviews, or even to a fancy dinner, but it is slightly classier than the Topman watch above. Again, it's cheap, cheerful (ironically considering it is black) and overall, it will tell you the time in a stylish manner. What else can you expect for £25?

(Image: Shadestation)
Price: £49.95
This watch warrants the jump in price, especially as you have a name you can trust. Although Timex may not be the go-to for business men and anyone with money, it is a classic and it will tell the time. Furthermore, Timex Originals (the horological version of Adidas Originals) are certainly of a decent style standard. Every man should own a Timex sometime in his life - it's a right of passage.

(Image: ASOS)
Price: £49.99
Sekonda is unlikely to win any awards for this watch, or the name of it for that matter, but I really like it. It's simple, sleek and not too costly. Like the rest of these, it's not suited to a dinner with the Queen, but it does tell you the date, which is Sekonda's way of top-trumping Timex. Well played Sekonda, well played.

(Image: Size?)
Price: £55
This is my favourite of these five by far. I think the Timex Easy Readers are great, they're really simple which is what I love in watches. I'm not interested in divers watches or digital watches, just give me a plain 12 hour dial and I'm a happy man, which is exactly what the Easy Readers do, they break watches back down to the basics. This watch gives me the same kind of nostalgia as I get when I see a Nokia 3310 - It's the lure of simplicity.

The Wildcard

(Image: Triwa)
Price: £185
This is the first watch I ever saw from Triwa and I have been in love with it ever since. I now own a Triwa watch (found here), which is the sterling steel version of this, but I still want this one. Actually... I want them all. Unfortunately, they're not quite as cheap as Timex, but they are worth the money!

I hope this helps any of you who have been looking for a cheap watch, or one that's a bit less than £200 - look at Triwa. If you think I've missed out on anything, tell me by commenting, Tweeting me or by any other means. Please do get in touch!

Cheers guys,