Top Ten Trainers

Sunday, 2 February 2014

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In some form of attempt to escape from my 'overdressed' ways, along with possibly entering what I will refer to as a 'quarter-life crisis', I have found myself liking trainers. This will shock anyone who has known me for longer than two minutes. Until now it has been a solidified fact that I don't do trainers.

Since I now like trainers, plus I am a fashion blogger, and since I am the last one to jump onto the trainer-appreciation band-wagon; here is a post on my top 10 trainers available at the moment.

#10 - Nike Air Pegasus '92 - £70
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Even though I've never been a big fan of trainers, Nike has always had my respect. They are definitely the first to pop into my head when I think of trainers and I'm sure this is the same for many. These beauties hit #10 with ease, but I'm not sure as to whether I'd actually wear or suit them, so I couldn't put them any higher.

(Image: Aphrodite 1994)
New Balance are a favourite of many and I do own a pair myself (not these ones) so some had to be in this list. You'll notice a theme of blues and blacks in this list - I'm not at the stage of branching out to much colour yet. These mixed my love of navy and suede... I'm sure I'd make Elvis proud.

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Nike has broken into #8 with impressive style. These sneakerboots have had be intrigued for a while now and I like them more and more every time I see them. Still not 100% on the quilted upper, but I love the leather webbing holding the laces giving the hiking boot aesthetic.

(Image: Size?)
Obviously Converse were going to make it to the list, but these aren't typical Converses. Again combining navy and suede, these are beautiful to me. The pink detailing and leather laces add something different to them as well. For £50, these are the cheapest on the list.

(Image: Bank)
There can't be a list of trainers without Adidas, simple. Again with the blue and the suede. These are just classics with a bit of a twist of colour. Not much else to say really.

#5 - Gourmet 35 Stingray - £115
(Image: ASOS)
I love these completely, although I didn't at first. They've grown on me quite a bit since then. The only reason that they haven't made it even higher is the price... Unfortunately £115 is a bit steep for my liking. But it's safe to say that I'm Gourmet obsessed at the moment.

#4 - Adidas Gazelle 2 - £60
(Image: Adidas)
One of the all time legends of trainers - end of discussion.

(Image: Mr. Porter)
I can't say I'm even sure why I like these so much. It might be the irresistible lure of a collaboration, the fact that they can be bought through MR PORTER, or that I genuinely like the look of them. All I know is that I love them, but I would probably buy the Gourmet Stingrays before I would buy these.

In retrospect, these should probably be a bit lower.

(Image: Size?)
Everyone will have that one pair of Converse that they have always loved and always will love. These are mine. Mono leather Converses are stunning and had to make it into the upper end of the list. I've never owned a pair of Converse (unfortunately they don't suit me that well), but I might have to give in someday and get them anyway.

(Image: Size?)
That's right, not only are these so lush that they made the #1 spot, but they even deserved a collage. I love these because they are so understated. Simple black suede with brown leather and a white sole, no garish logo or over-the-top colours, just the beauty of simplicity. I have to have them someday!

There you have it, my top ten trainers. It's safe to say that I'll probably never end up owning the majority of these, half of them would look ridiculous on me. But I love them none-the-less.

Please tell me if you thing there are any I would love and have missed out, or if you think some of these are absolutely disgusting - I'd love to hear from you.

Cheers guys,

P.S. If you go onto my Instagram or Twitter, you will find my new pair of Nike Eastham Mids (Which would've made it onto the list, but I already own them).


  1. I like the Adidas originals best

    1. As in number 6 ones or the number one? Either way, they are beautiful shoes.