Menswear Wardrobe Essentials - Part 1

Monday, 10 February 2014

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For any man that appreciates the sartorial side of style, or has a fondness for looking sharp in general, there a few wardrobe essentials. Granted, it actually isn't absolutely essential to own all of these, however 'Menswear Wardrobe Items that you Should Probably Own, but Not Essentially', was a bit too wordy for a title.

Hopefully you will read this post whilst constantly thinking, 'I have that. I have that. I have that'. Which almost makes this seem pointless. On the other hand, this may help to reaffirm the staples in your wardrobe and bring back the basics after they've been overlooked for so long. There are quite a few essentials, so I will make this a three part series.

Most won't think this needs much explaining, but I realised a while ago that I didn't have any decent white shirts. It's easy to get obsessed with buying beautiful coloured shirts with patterns and designs on, which leads to forgetting about the classic white shirt. I'd recommend going for T.M. Lewin, get five shirts for £100 whilst you can.

Oxford shirts are brilliantly versatile, especially in light blue, white or even a light pink. They can serve to either dress up or dress down an outfit, working perfectly with jeans, chinos or suit trousers. Stock up on these are they will be valuable assets in your menswear arsenal. I would personally recommend the oxford shirts from Next, they are only £20, come in a range of colours, and they're great value for money.

What man doesn't have jeans? We all know the importance of jeans, but the key pair of jeans will be the dark wash jeans. Stone wash, acid wash or general light jeans will go in and out of style, dark wash jeans will always look good. Find a pair that you love, spend a bit of money on them, and make sure they fit properly. Go for a slim fit as they will work with everything. Jeans are incredibly subjective; I personally love Dr. Denim.

Brogues are the footwear equivalent of the oxford shirt as they can be used for both dressing up and dressing down purposes. Brown brogues should take precedence over other brogues, mainly as they are more versatile than black or any other colour, but go with your preference. My only rule for brogues is that they should always be worn with a shirt and/or a blazer, very few men can get away with wearing brogues with a t-shirt.

If you don't have a nice pair of black shoes, go and buy some today or tomorrow. You need them. Every man needs them. Even if they end up not being worn for months, they are an integral part to a wardrobe. They should be pulled out for the right occasions and kept in good condition. There's nothing worse than a man turning up to a wedding wearing the shoes he wears to work every day. Those creases and dents will not bode well for you.

There you have part one of three. The next instalment will be up next week, featuring another five menswear essentials, although probably slightly less essential than the five above. These ones are pretty much necessary to function as a man.

If there are any things that you feel need to be in this series, please comment or contact me through one of the various ways available.

Cheers guys,

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  1. You've got to be the first male blogger that I've actually enjoyed.. even though I'm a girl but I will certainly be taking your tips and passing them on to my boyfriend haha! Great post

    Abbey xx

    1. Thank you Abbey, that means a lot. I hope you keep reading!