London Fashion Week - Street Style

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

(Image: The Chain Stay)
London Fashion Week has been and gone, and I am sad to see it go. This is a phenomenal time in the fashion calendar, when everyone is excited to see what it to come for the next season and the catwalks rarely disappoint. Now, I wasn't lucky enough to get into the actual catwalks, but being outside and around Somerset House gives great opportunity to take some snaps of the fashionable passers by, along with a few pictures of myself, Beth (The Vintage Youth) and the day in general.

For the first time I managed to attend London Fashion Week and this was an incredibly exciting experience that fulfilled a want I have had for quite some time. I'm not sure if it was because I was so excited and expectant, or because I am actually quite boring, but I found it to be a bit of a let-down. I can safely say that I will be approaching it from a very different angle next time.

What I didn't like about London Fashion Week was what I already knew happened. There is so much focus on the extreme, outlandish and the weird, especially for the men. There were many men that were there, dressed impeccably, but the focus was drawn onto people wearing the eccentric clothing.

All of it is important in the fashion world, but I'm not here to tell you about the man who was wearing a mask made of leather and metal-type-things that matched his jacket (although it was impressive). That's not my style, nor will it ever be my style. Due to this, I took pictures of the style that I loved, and now I'll cut the shit and show you the pictures.

As you can tell, I'm not one to stop people in their tracks and ask them for a picture. I prefer the natural flow of people when they don't know they're being photographed... although I'm pretty sure the guy with the MUJI bag had a good idea. Candid street style is my preference, and so that's how I did it (I know I have some practicing to do).

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  1. Love this! I went to Somerset House briefly yesterday to take Street Style photos and I was blown away by all the eccentric outfits! I am one to love vibrancy and craziness, but like you I was also impressed with the people that were not exactly as eye catching but looked amazingly well styled!

    Samantha at Nashbag | Personal Style & Beauty Blog


    1. Shame we didn't see each other, although I believe I will be seeing you at the blogger meet-up? Eccentricity is a fantastic thing and something that should be celebrated for sure. My style is slightly eccentric in comparison to the average after all, but my attention does steer toward the understated style. Still, all my respect goes to those with the confidence for some of the outfits I witnessed.

  2. Great set of photos from the event, like number 6 best

    1. Cheers. Yeah, that's my favourite as well. Everyone stopped to look at them, it was quite impressive.