New In #1 - ASOS

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Since it's a new year (Happy new year by the way - I've been a bit busy lately), I've decided on a new form of outfit post that I hope you'll like. Contrasting the £100 outfit posts that usually contain items that, although good, aren't exactly new, these will be outfits will only include items found in the "New In" section of a retailer. This way it gives you a chance to see what's new around, and a chance to grab something before anyone else gets it.

Unlike the £100 outfits, I'm not going to set any rules for myself, apart from the fact that they have to be from the "New In" section. I will try and keep it at a reasonable cost, but if I see something expensive that I love, I will put it in. Some times I might stick to one place (e.g. ASOS this time), other times I may mix it up. 

Price: £169

I come from the countryside so I'm fond of a good waxed jacket. Unlike the tradition of my farmer forefathers however, I prefer navy to green. This is the perfect example.

Price: £30

Can you guess the colour palette yet? So much love for this jumper, the colour ('denim') is a great shade, and the style is close to cable-knit, but not so close that it looks like a jumper from a private school's uniform. Win.

Price: £60

So far so good, ASOS. This shirt would be amazing underneath that jumper, or just by itself to be honest. The pattern is great... It's bold enough to be the statement of the outfit, but not so bold that people question your sanity. Win #2.

Price: £65

I'm a big fan of Japanese selvedge denim, (if you don't know what that means, click here), and I love that it's becoming a bit more popular now. I'm certainly seeing an emphasis on selvedge coming into the high street. My advice: Pick up on it now, get a good pair and they will last you ages. They're worth that bit extra (just to clarify, £65 is cheap).

Price: £110 (Can be found cheaper elsewhere)

I'm sure the choice of shoes could have some people questioning me a little bit, but I love these boots. They're not really new to be honest, I've been eyeing them up for a while, but they are new to ASOS. These boots would tie in perfectly with everything in the outfit and would definitely serve as a statement piece. This year, accessories are big, so statement footwear is a definite yes - GO NUTS. 


That probably didn't turn out all too cheap, my apologies. But you have an idea of what's new on ASOS and hopefully it'll give some insight on 2014 trends. My main trend tip for now is to mix up dark and light colours. All retailers and brands are putting out pastel shades, but it's a bit early (and cold) to go all bright at the moment - Mix it up.

Cheers guys,


  1. I'm really digging that first jacket! Thanks for sharing!

    Walking, Talking Style

    1. Cheers Justin! There wasn't a huge selection but I would've chosen it even if there was a lot of choice, it's beautiful.